The great adjustment options offered by this Black & Decker toaster recommend it as a great buy for anyone looking to purchase this type of kitchen appliance. Created for extreme convenience, this toaster comes with a one touch retractable cord and countdown timer. All the needed functions expected in a toaster in this day and age, such as bagel, frozen, reheat and cancel are present. There is hardly anything extra to wish from a toaster, and the Black & Decker TR1280S delivers as promised.

1.Black & Decker TR1280S


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Extra wide slots

There is hardly anything more frustrating than not being able to use your toaster for the type of bread you prefer. The Black & Decker TR1280S offers the best solution right away. Its extra wide slots lets you use thicker bread slices, without any problems. That does not mean that thinner bread slices will not be toasted to perfection. This toaster is designed to accommodate all kinds of thicknesses, so you can have consistent results each and every time.


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Selecting your favorite shade of brown is easy

How do you like your toasted bread? People have all kinds of preferences when it comes to selecting their favorite shade of brown for their toasted bread. This model comes equipped with a brown shade selector that you can operate with ease. This can be extremely rewarding, since you will be able to enjoy your breakfast to the fullest.


All the needed controls are in place

Besides regular toasting, there are a few things toasters should be able to do nowadays. You will find all these controls in place on the Black & Decker TR1280S. The bagel option will let you warm up your bagels, so you can enjoy this delicious type of pastry at breakfast exactly how bagels are supposed to be served. The defrost function lets you use different frozen breads and pastry without using a microwave oven. Since you may want more than just toasted bread for breakfast, this is another useful feature.  The reheat option is a desirable feature for the times when you need to have your toasted bread reheated to be ready to serve. The cancel control is for the times when you want to stop the toasting process because you think your bread is just right.


Some nice extras

Extras are often a selling point for kitchen appliances. In this case, the retractable cord is a very useful extra. Since your toaster will most probably sit on your kitchen counter, you definitely do not want clutter to mess up your kitchen. The countdown timer is a nice add-on, too, while the LED display makes it look both modern and practical.

2.Black & Decker TR1280S


Everything you need in a toaster will be found in the Black & Decker TR1280S. A selector for your perfect shade of brown, and extra wide slots, are two features that should not be amiss from a toaster meant to do more than just toast bread. Accommodating bagels and frozen pastry is totally doable, and you can now enjoy a nice breakfast and great variety. A few great extras complete the product, such as a retractable cord and a countdown timer.


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