The good

As stated in the Black & Decker TR1478BD toaster reviews it features a convenient design for easy storage.

Considered the best 4 slice toaster with extra wide slots you will appreciate how easy it is to use and clean afterwards.

This 4-slice toaster includes all of the functions you need to keep everyone in your family happy.

You will also love its affordable price, along with its safe and durable construction.


The bad

It should be mentioned that while this is considered the best toaster from Black & Decker this model does not alert you when it is finished, which can occasionally result in a cold breakfast.

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My opinion on this product


One of the first aspects that you will notice about this 4-slice toaster is its convenient design that makes it easy to store when you are not using it. The large toaster features a sleek and modern construction that looks great with almost any kitchen d├ęcor, and the included cord wrap makes storage a breeze. Perfect for large families and kitchens with limited counter space, this might be the only toaster you ever need to ensure everyone eats a healthy breakfast in the morning.


The four wide slots are designed for bagels and thicker slices of bread, and you will also appreciate how easy and convenient it is to use and clean on busy mornings. The controls are conveniently placed for easy access, and the removable crumb tray simply slides out for quick cleaning. The tray also prevents crumbs from getting on your counter, so you can simply grab your toast and get out the door without worrying about coming home to a mess.


There are two separate controls for each set of slots, so everyone can enjoy their toast just the way they like it. The shade selector knob is clearly numbered, and the convenient “cancel” function lets you stop the toaster before your breakfast is burnt. You also have the advantage of the frozen and bagel functions, which are always convenient when you are in a hurry. Brown bread in one set of slots and a bagel in the other with this convenient 4-slice toaster.


You will appreciate the affordable price, along with its durable construction that is designed to last through years of constant use. The durable chrome construction is also easy to wipe clean, and the sturdy bread carriage also features a higher lift. This makes it easier for you to grab your toast without burning your fingers, and the carriage also automatically guides the placement of the bread for even browning on both sides.



Designed to be convenient and easy to use and to keep up with busy families in the morning, there is very little not to like about this 4-slice toaster. It features a durable and stylish construction that is also easy to store, and you will appreciate how simple it is to keep clean. With two sets of wide slots it is easy to make sure your family eats breakfast in the morning, and you will love not worrying about crumbs on your counter thanks to the convenient tray.


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