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Mini cakes and cake pops are popular treats, and are great for birthday parties or just when you want something small and sweet. There are several mini cake makers to choose from, which can make it difficult to find the right one for you. In this guide you will find helpful tips that will make it easier for you to choose the cake pop maker for your kitchen.

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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a cake pop maker:




As stated in the best cake pop maker reviews one of the first aspects to consider is the design. Models that come in vivid colors can add a bright touch to your kitchen, and even make the small appliance fun to use. Plates with non stick coatings ensure that cleanup is quick and easy, and models that are designed with tightly sealing lids help keep the batter in and off of your kitchen counters. You might also want to consider a model that is designed with a convenient handle for easy carrying when it is not in use.



The best cake pop maker reviews also suggest carefully considering the appliance’s size. You want it to be large enough to make plenty of cake pops for your family or guests, but still fit easily on your counter. Smaller models capable of making 7 to 9 cake pops at a time are ideal for families, and larger units that can bake up to 14 individual mini cakes are perfect for children’s birthday parties. Whichever size you choose it is important that the cake pop maker fits in the available space that you have.



Cake pop makers can come with an array of features that are designed to make the small appliances easy and convenient to use. Included recipe guides can help first time users bake perfect mini cakes, and give experienced chefs new ideas. Included cake stands are perfect for showing off your finished products, and models that come with plastic sticks let you turn your round mini cakes into delicious pops. Indicator lights that let you know when the unit is turned on are always convenient, and can help prevent accidental burns that can occur from inadvertently touching a hot plate. Some cake pop makers also come with a convenient cord wrap that can make storage quick and easy. You might also want to choose a model with non slip feet which can help protect your counters from unsightly marks.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



VonShef 12


2.VonShef 12 CakeIts versatile design makes this model the best crepe maker and it can also bake up to 12 cake pops at a time. This small appliance makes it easy to create a variety of sweet and delicious treats. It comes with 50 sticks so you can easily turn your mini desserts into fun cake pops, which are perfect for parties and any other occasion. You can also take advantage of the included stand that lets you display your cake pops like a professional baker.

You will love how the bright red color pops in your kitchen and this cake pop maker is also easy to store when it is not being used. It features a compact design that can fit into cramped spaces, and it can even be stored vertically. The non stick plates ensure that the cake pops simply slide off, and it also makes cleanup quick and easy.

The lid tightly seals to keep the batter from leaking out and to keep heat in so the cake pops bake evenly. The non slip feet will protect your counters from ugly marks, and keep the appliance firmly in place when you are using it. You also have the benefit of the indicator lights that let you know when the appliance is ready to be used.



Its 12 templates are relatively sizeable, and allow for substantially sized pop cakes. This has been preferred by the manufacturer (as opposed to a higher number of templates) because it offers the user more freedom to apply decoration to the cake.

Towards inspiring creativity, the product also comes with bonus items such as a display stand and 50 sticks for pop cakes.

Customers are impressed by the speed with which the unit reaches optimum temperature, thanks to its aluminum construction that ensures even heating and its tight lid, that keeps both the heat and excess batter from dissipating.

It has the usual convenience feature, including non-stick plates, anti-slide contact surfaces, and vertical balance for easy storage.



Some users remark it doesn’t handle thin batter all that well (cakes won’t rise properly). To avoid this, we suggest you add thicker batter to form a mix.


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Babycakes Mini


3.abycakes Mini Cake Pop MakerIt’s not hard to see why this is often considered the best Babycakes cake pop maker. It is designed to be easy and convenient to use, and comes in a pretty color that looks great in any kitchen. You will also appreciate its compact size especially if storage and counter space is limited.

This cake pop maker is capable of baking up to 9 mini cakes at a time, and the non stick coating on the baking plates ensures that every batch turns out perfectly. Not only does this prevent the cake pops from sticking to the plates, it also makes cleanup quick and easy.

The outer surface can also be easily wiped down when you are done. The lid tightly latches for even baking, and you will love the convenient handle. The four non slip feet help keep the cake pop maker securely in place, and also protect your counters from damaging marks. The power light indicates when the appliance is turned on, and can also help prevent accidental burns. It also comes with a convenient cord wrap that helps make storage a breeze.



As easy to use and store as a sandwich maker, the babycakes mini scores top marks for portability and convenience.

It has a latching handle to ensure the heating surfaces close tightly.

The two heating plates are coated with an anti-stick material, which makes the product both easy to use — since the cakes will just slide out of their forms — and easy to clean — because you won’t have to scrape stuck batter off of it.

Fairly safe to use. The four non-slip feet keep it from sliding off the kitchen counters. The indicator light adds another degree of safety by letting you know when it is in use.



It can only handle nine pop cakes at once, which means you’ll spend more time baking multiple batches.

Some users noticed the latching handle might come loose during baking as the batter rises. You could ensure it stays locked by manually applying pressure.


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Holstein Housewares HF-09014M


1.Holstein Housewares HF-09014MThis cake pop maker will add a bright splash of color to your kitchen, and it is also fun and easy to use. It comes with a helpful recipe book that is filled with great tips and ideas. The non stick plates ensure that the batter doesn’t stick to the top or bottom, and also make cleaning up afterwards quick and easy.

You can bake up to 14 cake pops or doughnut holes at a time, which makes this small kitchen appliance great for birthday parties or anytime you want to make a sweet treat for your family to enjoy. The lid tightly latches to keep the heat inside, and to prevent the batter from accidentally leaking onto your counters.

The sleek magenta finish is also easy to wipe clean, which is always an advantage when you are baking. It also comes with non slip feet that will keep the appliance firmly in place, while protecting your counters from scratches and marks. Easy to use and affordably priced it’s easy to see why this cake pop maker is a favorite with consumers.



This Holstein Housewares product can fit no less than 14 pop cakes between its large cooking surfaces. This makes it ideal for large families or children’s birthday parties.

It features an anti-stick coating which ensures the pop cakes will be easy to remove after you’re done and also makes cleaning a lot easier.

The lid closes tightly with the aid of a safety clip, to ensure that no heat is being wasted and no batter seeps to the sides of the unit.

For extra convenience, it can be stored vertically to take up less space in your kitchen. It also features abrasive contact surfaces, so it doesn’t slide off the counters while in use.



Some users found that the pop cakes sometimes come off flat on top. If this happens, you can work around it by flipping the cookie maker 180 degrees during the baking process to ensure that the batters grows within the forms evenly.


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