Enjoying an overwhelming number of positive reviews from users, the Crepe Maker By Cucina Pro is one of the best crepe making machines on the market right now. Delivering perfect delicious treats with each use, this model is greatly appreciated for the consistency of the outstanding results it provides its users with. If you want to learn more about it, the following information will help you decide whether this is the kind of crepe maker you should get for you and your family, or you should shop around some more.

1.Cordless Crepe Maker


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Electric crepe maker for your convenience

Many people prefer electric crepe makers, because they are much easier to use than models working on gas. There are no gas related accidents to worry about, and electric models are very portable. You will surely appreciate the Crepe Maker By Cucina Pro because of its easy operation. The electric base has a cord wrap so you can neatly package and store away the machine once you are done with making pancakes. Among the electric models offered right now, this one is considered the best crepe maker by a large number of consumers.


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This crepe maker from Cucina Pro is not on the small side, and that is a good thing. As a standard model for home use, it has the right measurements and you will be able to make pancakes that can rival with those served in restaurants. Measuring 15 inches in length and 7.5 inches in width, the Crepe Maker By Cucina Pro makes for a great tool in the kitchen each time you and your family are in the mood for pancakes.


Nonstick surface

One of the biggest advantages of this electric crepe maker is that it comes equipped with a nonstick surface so you can cook your favorite crepes all you want without experiencing any unwanted glitches. Nonstick cooking surface not only helps you make perfect crepes each and every time, but it is also easier to clean than other types of materials. The main problem with surfaces that do not clean well is that they can harbor bacteria and germs that are afterwards transferred into the food you are cooking on it. No such problems are encountered when using the Crepe Maker By Cucina Pro, which is made from the best materials available, for your convenience.


The ready light

Whenever operating an electric device, it is always a good idea to have easy to use controls installed. The on and off switch on this model is installed right on the handle, so you can easily start it when you begin cooking and stop it, once you are done. The cool part is that the switch has a ready light that announces you when the cooking surface is properly heated, so you can start spreading the mix and indulge in your favorite treat: pancakes.

2.Cordless Crepe Maker

Great accessories

When you purchase a crepe maker, it is a good idea to check for accessories. The Crepe Maker By Cucina Pro comes with a dipping plate and a batter spreader. Particularly the spreader is highly appreciated by those using crepe makers, because it allows them to spread the mix evenly on the cooking surface, in order to obtain the thinnest crepes possible. In case you have ever tried getting really thin crepes using a normal pan, you most probably know how difficult it is to achieve the same thickness across each pancake. No such worries are in sight when you are using this crepe maker from Cucina Pro.

It is also a nice touch that the machine comes along with a recipe booklet that will give you plenty of great ideas on what kind of pancakes to make using your new acquisition. An instructions manual is also readily provided, so you can operate the machine properly and obtain guaranteed results each and every time.



The Crepe Maker By Cucina Pro is a highly recommended buy, if you are looking for a pancake maker that will never let you down. First of all, this standard size crepe maker will help you make crepes that will easily rival with those made by professional cooks, with minimum of effort from your part. The nonstick surface helps a great deal, and it is extremely easy to clean the machine, once you are done with it. Because it is an electric model, it is very portable and the fact that you can wrap the cord around the base makes it highly practical, as well. Add a few useful accessories to the mix, and you get one of the best pancake makers around.


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