Crepes are pretty straightforward treats and the machines making them should be simple and easy to understand, as well. You do not have to be a professional cook in order to get the best looking and tastiest crepes. All you need is a machine such as the Eurolux Crepe Maker that lets you become chef in your own kitchen and create the most amazing crepe recipes with zero headaches. The kitchen appliance presented here ranks high in consumers’ preferences and has often been named the best crepe maker by its supporters.

1.Eurolux Cordless


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Electric cordless operation

Convenience is not something to take lightly, especially nowadays when everyone is so busy and keeping good order in the kitchen seems a really important challenge. This cordless crepe maker is a very nice addition to any kitchen, because it does not cause the usual chaos associated with cables spread everywhere. Because it is electric and cordless, the Eurolux Crepe Maker is very portable, so you can even take it along with you on trips, especially if you do not feel like yourself unless you have your favorite pancakes for breakfast.


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Fairly sized

Unless you are the kind of person who mainly enjoys mini crepes, you most probably want a crepe maker with standard cooking surface diameter. Featuring 7.5 inches in diameter, this crepe maker will allow you to make the type of crepes you like, similar to what you can buy from commercial sources. No one at the table will have anything to complain about, and you will make a lot of pancakes, standard size, for everyone.


Nonstick cooking surface

A certain advantage offered by this crepe maker that should be mentioned is its nonstick cooking surface. Making pancakes is no rocket science, but this doesn’t mean that you should not pay attention while cooking them. Having your pancakes stuck to the cooking surface is always an unpleasant experience, and you could surely use being spared of such unplanned events. The Eurolux Crepe Maker comes with nonstick cooking surface that allows you to focus on making great tasty crepes without worrying that they will remain stuck to the machine.


Easy to clean

The nonstick cooking surface of this crepe maker makes it very easy to clean and maintain in good working order. Once you are done with making crepes, all you need to do is to quickly clean the cooking surface and the rest of the machine and store it away until you plan to use it again. Seeing that there are so many cooking appliances available, getting all of them can be highly impractical. Appliances that are easy to clean and store away for later use are more convenient for users and you will not have to worry that you will have to stumble on it all the time.


The on/off switch

Electric crepe makers heat up quickly and you do not have to wait a lot to start cooking. The Eurolux Crepe Maker comes with an on/off switch and with a ready light that warns you when the cooking surface is ready to be used. Such small details make this product a really successful one, and there are plenty of consumers who commend its overall outstanding quality.

2.Eurolux Cordless

Nice accessories

If you have ever seen professional cooks preparing and making crepes, you might have noticed some neat accessories they use. A batter spreader is one of the most useful to have at hand, because it allows you to make really thin crepes without having to spend years learning at the cooking school. A dipping plate is also offered with your purchase, so you can make the best out of your crepe maker.

Let’s not forget that the Eurolux Crepe Maker comes with an easy to follow instructions manual and a recipes booklet which does not let you swim in the dark when it comes to preparing the mix for the crepes and cooking them.



If you are looking for a really great crepe maker, you should consider the Eurolux Crepe Maker because of the many advantages it offers to those who love pancakes. Now, it is really easy to create crepes that will melt in your mouth, and you will not have to worry about details, either. The design of this machine has it all figured out for you, and you will only have to think about some creative recipes. This cordless electric crepe maker is very convenient to use and easy to maintain, so it is really a great addition to your array of cooking appliances.


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