1.1 Great Northern Popcorn Commercial


The good

This cotton candy machine is designed to be easy and convenient to operate, even for first time users.

With its durable, commercial quality construction and quiet design, it’s not hard to see why this is the best cotton candy machine manufactured by Great Northern Popcorn Company.

Since you can quickly make larger amounts of cotton candy, this machine is perfect for use at home, fair booths and even sporting events.

You will appreciate the included accessories, along with the convenient storage drawer.


The bad

While this does not affect the machine’s performance, it should be noted that the temperature cannot be adjusted on this particular model.


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My opinion on this model


One of the main advantages of this cotton candy machine is how easy it is to operate. The switches are clearly marked, and once the machine is plugged in it simply needs to be turned on and allowed to warm up for a couple of minutes. The voltage can also be controlled, and a small window displays the amount being used.


This cotton candy machine is durable enough to be used at home or commercially. Its compact size fits on most counters, and also makes it convenient to store. The stainless steel construction is designed to withstand years of frequent use, and you will love the shiny, flake resistant old fashioned pink exterior paint. The 950 watt heating element ensures that the machine quickly heats up, and it also features a quiet belt driven design. The powerful belt prevents noisy vibrations that can make other cotton candy machines inconvenient and annoying to use, while also improving its performance.

1.2 Great Northern Popcorn Commercial

Capable of heating up in two minutes and making a cone of cotton candy every 30 to 40 seconds, this machine seems made to be used at parties, fairs, tailgating and other events. The stainless steel bowl is the perfect size for wrapping the floss around the cones, and it is large enough to ensure there is room for more than one at a time. Great for use at home or almost any event or gathering, it’s easy to see why this cotton candy machine is a consistent best seller.


All you need is the cotton candy sugar with this convenient machine. It comes with a removable bowl that is easy to clean, along with a convenient drawer for storing extra parts and cones. The two extra belts that come with this cotton candy maker are also stored in the bottom drawer. For added convenience, the drawer is divided into three sections so you can easily stay organized even when you are busy making cotton candy.



Whether you simply want to make cotton candy at home in a vintage style machine or add some fun to a fair or gathering, this might be exactly what you are looking for. It is incredibly easy to use and heats up in minutes, so you can quickly serve and enjoy sugary cotton candy. For additional peace of mind this model also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($299.99)



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