The good

This top 4 slice toaster is made shock resistant.

The toaster offers safety in use.

The Hamilton Beach 24444 enables easy extraction of the toast plus effortless cleanup.

The toaster offers different automatic functions.

It also provides different toasting settings.


The bad

One of the Hamilton Beach 24444 Smart Toast reviews says the toaster works great with regular breads but not thick or large types of bread.

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My opinion on this product


This is definitely the best toaster from Hamilton Beach due to its shock-resistant construction. This Hamilton Beach toaster carries shock-proof concealed heating elements that ensure durability and long lasting use. The toaster can withstand frequent use in the kitchen thanks to its shock-resistant and solid build. It can help you prepare many breakfasts during its lifetime.


The shock-resistant construction of the concealed heating elements also offers safety for the user, since the components are designed not to get easily damaged or frayed, which prevents them from getting exposed and causing electric shocks. The toaster has auto shut-off feature that switches it off when toast is jammed in the bread slots, preventing kitchen accidents. The toaster has cool touch exterior or sides that ensure safety from burns.


The toasted slices are lifted high off the slots for easy removal. This prevents you from touching the heating elements during extraction of the toast. Placement of the bread slices is easy in the 1.5-inch slots for bagels and homemade bread. The removable crumb tray enables easy cleanups. This model’s crumb tray has been updated from its former position where it used to slide out from the back, and now slides out from the front to facilitate removal of bread crumbs and loose bits of bread.


The easy-to-use toaster provides multiple toasting functions. It not only toasts your bread but also comes with a Bagel button that heats the outside of a bagel nicely while keeping the cut side nice and crispy. The Hamilton Beach 24444 Smart Toast toasts evenly. It enables you to defrost and toast frozen bread at the same time straight from the refrigerator without having to do a second cycle. The reheat feature warms toast that has gotten cold without burning it. The Cancel button allows you to stop the toasting cycle midway if you smell the bread burning.


This durable and attractive toaster is not only easy to use but it also allows you to select the browning level you prefer each time. You can choose from light to dark shade settings using the toaster’s shade selector that offers 7 toasting stages. This toaster enables every member of the family to select their preferred browning levels, so different people can enjoy toast the way they want when they want.



The Hamilton Beach 24444 Smart Toast is built with unmatched practicality, durability and attractive looks, making it an ideal small kitchen appliance for any modern home. It offers seven browning settings and multiple automatic toasting functions, for problem-free selection according to preference. The toaster offers safety with its shock-proof solid construction. The toaster enables easy removal of toast thanks to the toast boost functionality.


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