Are you in the mood for some sweet treats that remind you of childhood? Just get a cake pop maker like the Holstein Housewares HF-09014M and you will discover how easy it can be to cook dessert treats that everyone, adults and kids alike, will absolutely love. This unit will help you make perfect cake pops in record time, and you will have enough to supply a small party with tasty treats.


My opinion of this cake pop maker


High capacity of 14 cake pops recommends this unit

When it comes to cake pops, everyone wants some. This means that once you start baking cake pops, your specialty will be in high demand. One thing that usually stands between someone who loves cake pops and making them is that they are quite tedious to make. The Holstein Housewares HF-09014M solves the issue, by offering you the possibility to make 14 cake pops in one go. The entire process takes just a few minutes, so you will have high output, once you have the batter ready and you only need to pour it inside the cake pop maker.


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The non-stick cooking plates are a breeze to clean

Nobody likes to clean after parties, because there are so many dishes to wash. You will not have to worry about one thing, though, and that is cleaning the cake pop maker. The non-stick cooking plates just need to be wiped clean with a damp cloth and they will be as good as new, ready to be used the next time you throw a small party or you are simply in the mood for cake pops.


There is a recipe book included with the cake pop maker

Are you worried that you have no idea about what kind of cake pops to make? The Holstein Housewares HF-09014M comes with an included recipe booklet, offering you plenty of ideas on cake pop recipes. Because this is such a versatile recipe in its essence, you can make sweet or savory treats, depending on your mood and preferences.

Extra convenient features make it a great buy

It never hurts to have some extra convenient features to sweeten the deal when you are purchasing a new kitchen utensil. In this case, the cake pop maker comes with a built in safety lock so there is no chance to open the unit by accident while in operation. The carry handle is also convenient, while the non-slip base prevents any mishaps while you are cooking.



There are so many reasons to love this cake pop maker. Capable of making 14 cake pops in one go, this unit is easy to use and will help you create plenty of sweet and savory treats for your parties. You do not have to know a thing about cake pops, either, since the unit is delivered with a handy booklet of recipes, so you can easily experiment with various styles of cake pops. Let’s not forget that the cooking plates are completely non-stick, so they are easy to clean. All kinds of convenient features, such as a carry handle and non-slip base, add to the attractiveness of this particular model.


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