With spring not far away, you are most probably considering getting your kitchen in shape for welcoming the season of rejuvenation. That means, of course, doing some serious planning for spring cleaning, since your kitchen deserves it, after the long winter. Here are some great tips to help you prepare your kitchen for spring.


Get rid of everything you don’t need

Although it may not seem like the kitchen is the most appropriate place for storing all kinds of useless stuff, a lot of things tend to pile up without you even noticing it. Even if you are not a hoarder by definition, you will be surprised at the amount of old chipped mugs, bottles without lids and all kinds of things that can no longer be used, that accumulates in a kitchen over a span of just several months. A nice winter wrap up should include getting rid of all the old, useless stuff, plus, it offers you the best incentive for purchasing new beautiful things for your kitchen.


Check the pantry for any expired foods

Even if foods that you usually keep in the pantry have a longer lifespan than the ones you keep on the shelves of your refrigerator, it is always a good idea to make an inventory and see what should be thrown away. Starting with the first day of spring, chances are you will load the pantry with many new ingredients, and you will not need to rely on old reserves that are no longer usable.


Clean every surface and every appliance thoroughly

A kitchen is a place where a lot of things happen, things that are usually quite messy, so cleaning this room of your house on a regular basis is paramount. For spring cleaning, consider going more in depth and make sure to wipe clean every surface in sight and not so in sight. Check all the cupboards and counters for any icky stuff that may have accumulated under your radar. Do the same with your kitchen appliances, and do not forget to clean the walls and the floors, as well. If you have been waiting for an occasion to run a thorough cleaning in your kitchen, this is the best one.


Rejuvenate your cutlery collection

Just like ugly mugs that have no place in a ready for spring kitchen, your cutlery may use a do-over, as well. Buying a new set of spoons, forks, and knives may be in order, especially if you want to get rid of the old and aim for a total rejuvenation of your cutlery collection. However, if there are pieces that are still usable, reliable and you cannot do without, make sure to clean them thoroughly. As for knives, sharpening their blades is in order, too.


Start searching for new food ingredients

Now that you have thrown away everything you do not need, it is the time to go shopping. Go and visit the local farmer’s market for fresh produce that you can stock both your pantry and your refrigerator with. This will surely make you ready to face the spring that is quickly coming.


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