Are you lactose-intolerant? Are you a vegan? Or are you just adamant about changing your dietary habits so that you start living healthy?

A nut milk press can help with all of these things and many, many more. Even if you aren’t part of any of the categories we’ve mentioned, you might have tried out almond or soy milk simply out of curiosity. The fact of the matter is that any options you might get from the store are literally loaded with fillers and sugars, and have minimal traces of the nut they’re supposed to be extracted from.

But do you really need a nut milk maker to make your own vegan milk? The answer to this question is that you probably do not, but that it might take you a little time and a bit of extra effort to get it done without such an appliance. You need to use either a food processor or a blender to mix and grind the water plus almonds, soybeans, or any other nuts you might want to use, and then you have to strain everything using a fine mesh bag or just cheesecloth.

If that sounds like too much effort, we’re here to tell you how you can conveniently and efficiently utilize a nut milk maker.

Most of the models we’ve come across are fairly simple to utilize, especially if you don’t forget to soak the raw nuts overnight. Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is put the nuts and the water in the extractor and then press the menu button for the ‘nut milk’ setting. Yes, it’s that easy, believe it or not. Some models from Midea, Soyabella, Tribest, and any other brands you might prefer come with extremely comprehensive manuals that can help you get started.

What seems to make the difference between some soy milk machines and others is the fact that some come with straining components that can help you enjoy milk right after having prepared it, while with others, you still have to use a nut milk bag to get rid of the grind you don’t want in your drink.

For example, a Soyabella model we’ve reviewed on this site comes with a separate mill where you place the nuts, and they get ground in that component alone. What this means is that the rest of the machine is filled with nut milk as the almonds or soybeans are ground. Once you’ve wrapped everything up, all you have to do is clean the mill to ensure that the appliance is capable of serving you time and again.

If you aren’t keen on the idea of getting a separate appliance for the purpose of making nut milk, you might pull everything off with a juicer. Just make sure that the one you have already is fit for the purpose as some units that are somewhat sensitive to particularly hard ingredients might clog. And nobody wants to spend an hour or so trying to repair an appliance, right?


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