With the holiday season just around the corner, you are probably starting to think big. There are so many things to do, from buying presents to dressing up the home for Christmas, and of course, to making a list with Christmas treats you are going to delight your family with. You will find plenty of readymade treats for the holidays in stores, but why not consider some homemade goodies, too? With a bit of creativity and the right cooking utensils at your fingertips, you can add a bit of magic and turn every day into a festive event throughout the Christmas and New Year’s Eve season.



Nothing spells holidays better than chocolate


Everyone loves chocolate; there is no doubt about it. Homemade chocolate makes for a great gift since it does not only taste better than the varieties found on the market, but it also shows those around you that you care about each and everyone. The small budget needed is another great consideration for this idea for Christmas treats.

For a really successful Christmas party, there is another easy to implement idea. Get a chocolate fountain and crowd the table around it with tasty dipping bits. Almost any fruit is a good idea for chocolate dipping, but you do not have to settle for the tested and tried strawberries and bananas. Sweet breads and waffles cut into small pieces are also good ideas. The chocolate fountain will lend your Christmas table a really festive look and you will not have to work hard to impress your guests.


Think cotton candy floss treats


Make your kids love the holidays even more with cotton candy floss treats. You can even think up an entire party based on a cotton candy floss theme. Coloring the candy floss with colorful candies is easy and you can achieve the festive look for the holidays fast and easy. Don’t forget about decorative elements to make the kids’ table look like something inspired by fairytales.

Buying a lot of cotton candy floss is an option, but not a very practical one. If you already have a cotton candy maker, you will find it easy to create treats based on spun sugar; if you don’t, there are home models that sell for cheap to help you make all the cotton candy you want for the kids’ Christmas party. And don’t forget; adults love cotton candy floss just as much, so place a few treats on their table, too.

Besides adding holiday specific colors to candy floss, include some spice scented varieties. Infusing spices like cardamom, cinnamon and orange rind into spun sugar will give an interesting and holiday inspired twist to a common dessert idea.


Cake pops can be Christmas-y


What could be merrier than a bunch of Christmas theme cake pops? This easy to make treat can easily get into Christmas clothes by adding a few decorative elements. Make your cake pops look like little elves, decorate them with small Christmas tree branches (made of sugar, of course), or model them to resemble Christmas lights. Add some glow and glitter for a festive effect, and make your cake pops look like Christmas tree ornaments. As you can see, the sky is the limit and you only have to think about how you would like your cake pops to look.

To be efficient about making enough cake pops for an entire party, consider getting a cake pop maker. This simple device will help you make a lot of cake pops within a short time, and after that, you will only have to think about decorating the small treats as you see fit.


Make every holiday morning a treat with festive crepes


Holiday mornings should be as festive as any other meal of the day. And what better idea to start the day on the right foot than putting some crepes on the table? You do not have to stray too much from the good old recipe of strawberry and whip cream filling, but you can always add a festive twist to your crepes by decorating them for the holidays.

A great thing about crepes is that they freeze well, so you can make large batches and put them in the refrigerator. During the holiday season, anyone who wants a quick snack can also enjoy a crepe with the filling of their choosing. Savory or sweet, crepes are easy to make and they can serve as Christmas treats, as well. A crepe maker will lower your workload and it will help you make a lot of crepes the easy way.


Don’t forget about baked goods and pastry


If you are thinking about treating your family with some baked goods this Christmas, don’t forget about the good old fashioned apple pie. Treat the buttery crust with care and twist the edges for a more festive look. A chocolate frosted cake, decorated with slices of pineapple, also makes for a festive sweet treat that your entire family will love.

Pastry puffs filled with cream and dipped in caramel can make your festive table look even more festive. Create a tower with them and surround them with spun sugar; your guests will absolutely love the homemade appeal of this incredible French inspired Christmas treat.

Fruit tarts are not just for the season when fruit is sold on the market. Frozen fruit works just fine and this tasty treat will be able to decorate the festive table, or simply served as a breakfast treat every morning.


Lift your Christmas spirit with gingerbread


Another festive treat loved during the holiday season is, without a doubt, gingerbread. If little gingerbread men are not your thing, there are so many other things you can do with gingerbread. You can model the gingerbread into Christmas tree decorations and enlist your kids’ help, too. The famous Polish gingerbread cake called Piernik is an even more festive idea for using the loved Christmas treat. And, of course, do not forget about gingerbread houses that you can decorate just as you like.


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