Are you interested in making really great tasty tortillas for your Mexican inspired dishes? There is nothing simpler than getting the IMUSA 85008 Tortilla Press, one of the most popular tortilla makers you can find at the moment. Getting the right thickness, roundness and consistency for your tortillas is not an easy task if you try making them by hand, but with the help of this great model, all your recipes will benefit from the crispiest, tastiest tortillas. Guaranteed, your family and friends will enjoy your tortillas and ask for more from now on. Here are some things you should know about this particular tortilla maker.

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Made of solid cast iron

Many of those who have ever tried using a tortilla press or a tortilla maker can tell you that cast iron is a great choice for the material the device is made of. An advantage of cast iron is that it is heavy and it helps flatten the dough in a consistent manner, unlike plastic models that are very ineffective and force you apply your own strength in order to really get the tortillas the way you want them. Achieving the perfect thickness and round shape for your tortillas is made easy by this model that is considered the best tortilla maker by many consumers. The entire structure of the tortilla maker is created for obtaining great results. Offering you the perfect leverage to create tortillas fast and easy, this is a convenient option that will serve you for making many tortillas in no time.


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8 inch tortillas made on the spot

The usual standard size for tortillas popular in the US is 8 inches in diameter. This size is perfect for burritos, enchiladas and slightly larger tacos. All you need to do is to place a little dough or masa on one side of the press and then cover it with the lid, press it and you will get a fresh tortilla right away. If you are planning a large dinner with your family or even a party with plenty of friends, you will manage to make enough tortillas for your Mexican dishes without a problem.



Cast iron is great for making tortillas and it is highly durable. However, it can catch rust and that is not something desirable for your kitchen appliances. The model presented here is made of uncoated cast iron, so you will have to pay a little attention to its maintenance. Do not leave the tortilla press soaked in water and always dry it well before storing it away. As long as rust does not affect the cast iron the press is made of, you will be able to use for years to come.


Other considerations

An essential culinary tool in all Mexican households, a tortilla press is indispensable for those who enjoy Mexican dishes like tacos, burritos, enchiladas and many others. A tortilla press is a good option for making all kinds of tortillas, but it is usually used for corn tortillas only. The IMUSA 85008 Tortilla Press can be used for flour and corn tortillas, but you can also use it for patacones, tostones and arepas. The versatility of this tortilla press makes it highly popular among those who are fond of Mexican cuisine.

The great leverage of this model helps you obtain the right kind of tortillas each and every time. If you are interested in making large quantities, you will feel hard pressed to find another, non-electric model that is as efficient as this one.

A gift wrap is provided with this product, so you can offer it as a gift to a young couple or one of your family members who simply loves making tortillas and use them in various recipes.




The IMUSA 85008 Tortilla Press is one of the most popular tortilla makers you can find at the moment. Made by a company with a long standing reputation in making products inspired by Mexican traditions, this simple, yet effective model will help you make a lot of tortillas for all kinds of dishes. You can successfully use to make flour and corn tortillas, as well as a wide range of other Mexican inspired flatbreads. If you are particularly fond of burritos, you will find this IMUSA tortilla press to be exactly what you are looking for, as its size is perfect for this kind of dish.

Easy to clean and to maintain, the tortilla press is particularly useful for anyone who wants to make large quantities of tortillas for family get-togethers and parties.


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