The good

As stated in the KitchenAid KMT422ER 4-slice toaster reviews this model features a durable and stylish construction.

You have the advantage of the 4 wide slots that can easily accommodate sliced breads, bagels, and even frozen breakfast items.

Often considered the best toaster from KitchenAid, you will appreciate how convenient and easy it is to use and maintain.

It features a stylish and compact design that looks great on your counter, and is easy to store.


The bad

There have been mentions that the number 2 shade setting may not always toast both sides evenly, which should be considered before purchasing this model.

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My opinion on this product


It’s hard not to notice the fun and stylish design of this 4-slice toaster, especially its eye popping red sides. The red and silver metal construction is designed to through years of use, and the sturdy levers won’t bend or break like other models. The bright red sides are also designed to stay cool to the touch, and you will love how easy it is to wipe fingerprints off of the metal surface.


The two sets of wide slots each include its own controls so you can easily make breakfast for more than one person at a time. The slots are deep enough to hold longer slices of bread, and will easily accommodate thicker bagels. You also have the advantage of the manual lever that lifts the bread carriage higher to make it easier to grab your breakfast without burning your fingers.


This stylish toaster is designed to be easy and convenient to use, which is always an advantage on busy mornings. The two sets of controls are clearly marked, and it also features a brightly lit display. Not only does this model countdown the seconds until your toast is done, it also alerts you with a convenient alarm. There are plenty of selections so you can easily find the perfect shade for your toast, and you will also appreciate the convenient reheat function in case you miss the alarm. With the ability to cancel in the middle of toasting and the defrost function, you can easily enjoy a nutritious breakfast every morning.


This toaster is designed to easily accommodate up to four slices of bread, and still take up minimal space on your countertop. The metal surface is easy to wipe clean, and you will also appreciate the removable crumb trays. If you don’t want to leave this toaster sitting out, the long power cord can be easily secured under the base for convenient storage.



If you are looking for good 4 slot toasters you will want to consider this model. Not only does it feature a fun and stylish design, its full metal construction will last through years of continual use. The four wide slots will easily accommodate thick sliced bread and bagels, and the defrost function is perfect for toasting frozen waffles. Affordably priced and easy to use, this bright colored toaster might be exactly what you need to ensure your family eats a healthy breakfast in the morning.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($99.99)



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