KitchenetteJen Annual Academic Scholarship


Grandma Jen is the grandmother of five grandchildren. Some of them have helped her create this website, where she shares her tips and tricks about cooking with various utensils and appliances. Since she loves taking care of those she loves, she often prepares delicious dishes for her family.


About the scholarship

This is an opportunity that we have been considering for a while as education matters most in anyone’s life. Access to information, as well as getting a degree in an area that one feels passionate about is crucial and can determine one’s future.

That’s how we came up with the idea of giving away a prize of $1,000 to a student who writes an article about Essential kitchen gadgets for modern homemakers and the ways they affect productivity.



Terms of participation

One $1,000 scholarship is made available every year.

The applicants must be studying to get their undergraduate or graduate degree in the United States of America. Proof of attendance is required and should be included in the email that the candidate will send to jenscholarships at In spite of the fact that this is not a mandatory request, we would prefer applications from Journalism, Creative Writing, and Marketing and Management students.

We believe that creativity has a lot to say when it comes to developing useful content that manages to help Internet users to some extent, especially when it comes to shopping online both safely and efficiently.


Payment information

Prize: $1,000

The cheque will be sent to the education organization that the student is enrolled in. Contact information must be provided by the candidate both for themselves and for said institution.


Application deadline

All essays should be emailed by December 1st, 2018. The winner will receive a notification via email and should reply in a time span of seven workdays. If he or she fails to do so, we will select another winner.

The team at is responsible for announcing the winning applicant no later than fourteen days following the deadline.


Your application

The essay should be at least 1500-words long. Paper applications are not accepted at this time. To simplify the selection process, the subject of your email should be “Kitchenette Jen Scholarship.”

Research and analysis are two core factors we will consider when making our final decision. Proper style, grammar, punctuation, and spelling, are needed in order for your application to be successful. All of the resources you will need to write the essay have to be included at the end of the writing piece in a separate section or should be highlighted with the use of hyperlinks.

The use of images that are in the public domain is recommended. The sources for the pictures have to be specified. Plagiarism is a disqualifier, which is why we urge you to use quotes that can help you better make your point.

The essay can be light and can even emphasize some of your personal experiences. We’re interested in finding out how you take care of your health and how you manage your work, studies, and personal life while also trying out new things in terms of culinary experiments. Memories such as waking up to the smell of your grandmother’s apple pie can make your essay personal and creative.

Once the winning essay is announced, it will be published on Grandma Jen’s website, and the author will be credited so that he or she has the freedom to showcase the work in a resume or portfolio.



This scholarship program will be organized annually.

The amount awarded consists of a single $1,000 prize awarded to one winner.

Deadline – December 1st, 2018



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