Limited storage space and cramped countertops aren’t a problem for today’s compact toasters. You can still get the same functions and features, only in a model that fits easily in a limited amount of space. Best of all this 2-slot toaster by KRUPS works just as great as it looks.


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Compact and stylish

This compact toaster is the perfect choice for cramped kitchens. Its smaller design fits easily on crowded surfaces, and this also makes storage a breeze. Thanks to its brushed stainless steel finish it even looks great sitting out on your countertop.

Adding to its stylish design are the small LED indicators that are also functional. Even though this is considered a “compact” toaster, it still comes with wide toasting slots. This way you can still enjoy a variety of bread, including hearty bagels.


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Multiple settings and functions

Just because this toaster is smaller in size, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with plenty of functions. There are 6 settings for browning control so everyone can enjoy toast just the way they like it. Whether it is barely toasted or a dark brown, it won’t be a problem with this model by KRUPS.

It also comes with functions for defrosting frozen bread. This helps to prevent soggy centers and burnt edges. A convenient “reheat” button ensures that your toast is never cold, even if it sits for a few minutes. There is even a button that will cancel a selected function before it finishes. What really sets this toaster apart is the built-in bun warmer. Brown hamburger buns and even hoagy rolls with this useful function.

Ease of use

KRUPS took steps to make sure that this 2 slice toaster is easy and convenient to use. The controls and browning settings are clearly marked, taking all of the guesswork out of making the perfect piece of toast. So you can easily remove bagel and English muffin halves it comes with an extra high-lift lever. This also helps to prevent accidental burns.

Not only does the stainless steel exterior look great, but it is also easy to wipe clean. Simply take a damp cloth and fingerprints will disappear. The removable crumb tray will keep your counters clean. It also smoothly slides out for quick and easy dumping. There’s really nothing better than not having to clean up a big mess in the morning.



With its sleek finish, professional quality performance and compact size, there really isn’t anything not to like about this 2-slice toaster. Its compact build is perfect for smaller kitchens, and since it comes with an elegant stainless steel finish, you won’t mind it sitting out on your countertop. Thanks to the wide slots you can still toast a variety of bread. You will also love knowing that you’re not sacrificing any functions simply because of its smaller size. With a 2 year warranty included, this toaster is a good value for your money.


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