The good

The Oster 6382 Inspire qualifies as the best toaster from Oster thanks to its extra-long bread slots.

The toaster allows you to choose from one to three modes to enjoy impressive toasting results.

Enjoy consistent results every time with this piece of equipment.

The Oster 6382 Inspire has safety features.

The toaster is quite easy to use.


The bad

Although it is not mentioned in the Oster 6382 Inspire 4-slice toaster reviews, the extra length of this toaster may not enable easy placement into limited countertop space.



My opinion on this product


Boasting sleek, contemporary styling, the Oster 6382 Inspire is truly the best 4-slice toaster for the money. It is built with two slots that offer wide clearance and a generous length to accommodate up to four slices of bread simultaneously. The toaster handles specialty breads including hamburger buns, thick cinnamon-raisin bagel halves, frozen waffles, English muffins or hefty slices of artisan-style whole-wheat bread. This means you can toast different types of bread without worrying about the slots being unable to accommodate what you put in.


The toaster comes with three different modes that you can choose from at just a press of a button. Choose the toast function for perfectly toasted bread that is soft in the middle and crispy and browned on the outside. The Bagel function lets you toast the cut side while keeping the round side nicely warmed. The Frozen function lets you defrost bread taken out of the freezer before toasting, while using just a single cycle.


The control panel is easy to use, as it comes with a dial for adjusting the shade setting using seven different levels, for light to dark results. Just push down the lever for the bread carriage once the food is positioned into the slots. Using electronic toasting technology, the machine delivers consistent toasting results every time. The dual stainless steel bread guides have an auto-adjusting feature that centers the food to help with even browning on both sides.


The anti-jam feature shuts the toaster off automatically when slices are caught in the bread slots. This effectively prevents accidents in the kitchen. The lever comes with high-lift capability to raise the toasted items at a level that makes them easy to extract from the bread carriage. The food pops out automatically once the cycle is complete, so you won’t have to dig them out. The toaster has a Cool Touch exterior that ensures the surface remains cool even during use, so you won’t be accidentally burned. This also means you can place other items on the counter without worrying about them getting melted or damaged.


You can end the toasting cycle at any time using the Cancel button. The indicator lights below the three buttons let you know how the toasting progress is going. The onboard cord storage keeps the countertop tidy when the unit is not in use. The crumb tray is removable to facilitate easy cleanups by hand or in a dishwasher.



Covered with a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, the Oster 6382 Inspire is of remarkable quality and craftsmanship. It has extra-long slots that enable you to work with artisan breads or four slices at a single time. The controls are easy to use. The toaster is equipped with seven shade settings that enable customized toasting results.


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