Greek yogurt is sold at premium prices in supermarkets and it is considered a much healthier alternative to regular yogurt, because of its higher content of protein and poorer content of fat. If you are tired of spending a lot of money on Greek yogurt from the store, here is a great alternative: the Oster CKSTYM1012 Mykonos, a great Greek yogurt maker that you can use at home. This unit will help you enjoy Greek yogurt every day that is much healthier than the one from the store, and it will cost you less.


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Getting your daily dose of healthy protein made easy

Greek yogurt is rich in healthy protein, and it is also a great source of probiotics, which is extremely important for gut health. It is a well known fact that many health problems start with the digestive system and that is why you need to take care of it. This yogurt maker is a great addition to your kitchen, because it will help you make Greek yogurt every day. Easy to use and helping you cook in a healthier manner, this is a highly recommended kitchen helper for any family who wants to stay healthy.


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You can make as much yogurt you want

Another attribute I particularly like about this yogurt maker is its versatility. In case you want to make yogurt for cooking, dressings, and things like that, you can use the 1 quart plastic container that comes with its own lid. However, if you want to make smaller quantities, or you prefer individual servings for eating yogurt as it is, you can make use of the 6 glass jars with 7 ounce capacity each, also with their own lids. If you have a numerous family enjoying Greek yogurt, this is a great alternative to buying this type of yogurt from the store.


You can use it to make all kinds of yogurt

This yogurt maker is for more than just Greek yogurt. You can make traditional yogurt from cow milk, or you can experiment with different varieties, even soy milk or almond milk, in case you are a convinced vegan. This versatility makes it a hit with consumers everywhere.

Compact storage makes it a blast with everyone loving yogurt

When you are done with the yogurt maker and you need to store it away, you will love how easy it is to do exactly that. The Greek yogurt strainer and the jars can be packed inside the same unit and stored away for maximum convenience.



The Oster CKSTYM1012 Mykonos is a great choice if you love all types of yogurt. While you can use it to make Greek yogurt, for maximum of healthy protein intake, you can use it for making other types of yogurt with the same ease. There are two possibilities offered, to make one batch of yogurt using the 1 quart container, or to make individual servings, using the 6 glass jars supplied with your purchase. You can make as much yogurt as you like, and use it as is, or for cooking. Storing the unit away is easy since you can pack all the components inside the same unit.


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