The good

According to the Ovente 2250B toaster reviews this product is convenient to use, and easy to clean.

Often considered the best 2 slice toaster you will appreciate its stylish and compact design, especially in smaller kitchens.

This 2 slice toaster meets all ETL standards, and features a durable construction.

You will appreciate all of the convenient functions that let you select the perfect toasting shade for breads, bagels, and even frozen breakfast foods.


The bad

While this is considered the best toaster from Ovente, it should be noted that some thinner sliced breads can burn unless you use the lower settings.

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My opinion on this product


This 2 slice toaster is designed to be convenient and easy to use, especially on busy mornings. The controls are clearly labeled, including the toast settings so you never have to stop and waste precious seconds when you are trying to rush out the door. You also have the advantage of the removable tray that conveniently catches all of the bread crumbs. Not only does this make it easy to clean the toaster, but your counter also stays neat and crumb free.


If you are dealing with a limited amount of counter space this might be the perfect toaster for your small kitchen. The stylish design blends in beautifully with your other appliances, and adds a contemporary touch to your kitchen décor. Its compact size also makes it easy to store, and you will also appreciate the electrical cord that wraps under the base.


Designed to look great and last through years of use, you will also appreciate its durable construction. This toaster is constructed from strong plastic that is resistant to heat and damage. It also meets all ETL standards, which helps to ensure that you are getting a long lasting and safe toaster. Affordably priced to fit almost any budget and perfect for small kitchens, it is easy to see why this 2 slice toaster is also popular with college students.


This easy to use toaster also includes all of the functions you need to enjoy a healthy breakfast, even when you are in a hurry. There are 3 functions that let you defrost frozen waffles and pastries, while the convenient reheat setting lets you warm your toast without burning it. There are also 7 shade selections for perfectly browned toast, and this also helps to prevent over or under toasting. Select a lower setting for thinner pieces of bread, and a higher number for thick bagels.



This 2 slice toaster is perfect for dorm rooms, apartments, and small kitchens. It features a durable and compact design that is easy to store, and plenty of functions to ensure you get perfectly toasted bread and bagels every time. You will love the extremely affordable price that will even fit most student budgets, and its’ convenient and easy to use design ensures that you can eat a healthy breakfast even on busy mornings.


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