Gone are the days when toasters knew only one thing: to make toast in the same shade of brown each and every time. In this day and age, manufacturers are vying for consumers’ attention by equipping their products with all kinds of features, some quite useful. The OXO On is the type of 2 slice toaster inspired by all people’s need to have their toasted bread the exact shade of brown they truly enjoy. This advanced model puts you in total control and offers you information on countdown and even lets you take a peek at the toasted bread while in the making. With many options that put the user in control, this model is one worthy of taking into consideration when you are shopping for a new toaster.



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9 shade options

What is your definition of a perfect shade for toast? If you are about to say that a toaster that can nail your desired shade of brown right in the head has not yet been manufactured, take a look at what this little beauty can do. Offering 9 different setting for perfect shades of brown, the OXO On is designed to cater to the pickiest consumers out there. Finding your perfect shade is no longer a quest, but a wish come true. The best part is that if the rest of your family has different preferences, you can easily indulge them.


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Perfect control

Besides the fact that you can pick whatever shade of brown you want, this model goes the extra mile and puts you even more in control. On the LED panel you will be able to read the countdown to the moment when the toast will be ready. And this is not all. You can also sneak a peek at the browning process without disturbing it in any way. In case you are not satisfied just yet, you can leave the bread to toast a bit more.


A great option for bagels

How do you like your bagels? Do you want them crisp and fresh? Do you want a crisp bottom and a soft top, so that you will feel like the bagel is melting in your mouth? With this toaster, everything is possible. You can easily defrost you bagels, and then choose the Bagel function that lets you toast one side, and let the other warm and ready to eat. Such conveniences make this toaster a real winner in consumers’ books.



The OXO On lets you create your own definition of a perfect shade for your toast, while offering you the best definition for a perfect toaster. No need remains unaddressed when you use this model. It can defrost, toast, and warm up your favorite morsels of pastry and do so to perfection. You can closely monitor the browning process and intervene to let your toast go browner as the need arises. Delivering outstanding quality in an attractive package, this is the type of toaster highly recommended for people who love being in control of their breakfast and how it is going to look like.


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