The good

This is the best toaster from Pangea Brands thanks to its ability to brown a variety of breads.

The appliance has an adjustable thermostat.

The toaster carries a world-renowned design that makes it perfect to have in the modern kitchen.

The appliance offers features that only the most innovative products can offer.

It imprints the Star Wars logo on your toast, for a unique kind of toasting experience.


The bad

One of the Pangea Brands Darth Vader toaster reviews notes that the bread slots may be too narrow to accommodate thicker bread slices.

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My opinion on this product


Pop in two slices of bread and wait till they pop out with the right level of brownness that’s perfect to go with scrambled eggs, poached eggs, fried eggs or perhaps an omelet. This toaster lets you have fun looking at an imposing image of Darth Vader while it does its job. You will love how the appliance delivers great toasted bread every time.


The adjustable thermostat lets you select how brown your bread will be after the toasting cycle is complete. You can choose from light to dark, depending on your mood. Darth Vader will ensure that the force will be with you as the appliance does its job efficiently. This unit can deliver nicely toasted waffles, bread, toaster pastries and English Muffins.


Designed to be most of Darth Vader’s head, this revolutionary toaster makes a great addition to your modern kitchen. It is a compact two-slice toaster molded in sturdy black plastic. The housing remains cool to the touch, which effectively prevents accidental burning of your fingers and hands. Weighing in at 4.1 pounds, the appliance offers superb functionality and convenience when you want bread to be nicely warmed and browned. This appliance is officially licensed, ensuring authenticity in manufacture.


This best 2 slice toaster has Reheat, Defrost and Quick Stop functions that are typically found in most modern toasters. The Reheat function warms up bread without cooking or burning, while the Defrost feature warms frozen bread sufficiently. The Quick Stop function cancels the toasting process midway, which is very useful when you smell the bread burning or want to check the brownness level. The handy dial allows temperature adjustment. The automatic switch-off feature ensures that the machine stops using electricity when the toasting cycle is already complete. This is unique from other models that continue to use power even when the toasting process is already complete if the cord is left unplugged.


The Darth Vader toaster ejects bread imprinted on one side with the Star Wars logo, so you can enjoy toasted bread at breakfast that looks better than ordinary toasted slices. The Star Wars logo is an exciting and interesting element that should be inviting to kids of all ages. You will surely look forward to breakfast with the family with the imprint of the logo on every slice of bread.



If you want an enjoyable breakfast experience every time, use the Pangea Brands Darth Vader toaster. Built solid like Darth Vader’s head, the appliance leaves an imprint of the Star Wars logo on toasted bread, making it interesting. The toaster has a number of advanced features including auto shut-off, Quick Stop function, Defrost and Reheat capability.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($32.99)



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