The good

Often considered the best toaster from Proctor Silex you will love its fun design, and durable construction.

You have the advantage of the included safety features that protect you from electrical fires, and help prevent your fingers from being burned.

As stated in the Proctor Silex 22204 toaster reviews this small countertop appliance is easy to use and clean.

This 2 slice toaster includes several convenient functions that make it easy to toast bread, pop tarts, and even frozen waffles.


The bad

It should be mentioned that while this is considered one of the best 2 slice toasters, some organic whole grain breads might be too large.

Some consumers have noted that the edges of the bread can burn, but this is usually due to using a high setting and not an issue with the product.

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My opinion on this product


This fun toaster is durable, functional, and looks great in any kitchen. The bright red color blends in with the rest of your appliances, and adds a cheery touch to your kitchen. The durable hard plastic housing is designed to last, and is resistant to flaking and chipping even with frequent use. The 2 slice toaster includes a sturdy lever that is designed to be easy to press down, and you will appreciate the toaster’s compact size that makes storage convenient and easy.


Not only is this 2 slice toaster fun and easy to use, it also includes several features that are designed to prevent accidental injuries or fires. The automatic shutoff feature prevents the small appliance from accidentally starting a fire if it is left unattended, and you will also appreciate the sides which are designed to stay cool even when the toaster is in use. This model also includes a boost function that raises your toast higher to make it easier to get out without burning your fingers.


The hard plastic casing is durable and resistant to finger prints smudges, along with rust and corrosion. It can be easily wiped clean with a damp rag or paper towel to keep your bright red toaster gleaming like new. This 2 slice toaster also features a removable crumb tray for quick and easy cleaning. Simply slide the tray out to dump the crumbs, and it slips back in just as easily.


You have the advantage of the 2 slots that are wide enough to toast bagels, frozen waffles, and most of your favorite breads. Like most toasters with a shade selector it is easy to use, and is designed to evenly brown both sides of the bread every time. A small knob clearly displays the various settings so you can select the right one for your perfect piece of toast, and it also makes it easy to change the shade for different types of bread. This 2 slice toaster also features a convenient “cancel” button that lets you stop browning before the bread is burnt.


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