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If you are looking for the best quesadilla maker, Grandma Jen recommends the Hamilton Beach 25409 model as it delivers superior results and multiple benefits, at a fair cost. This model has earned some of the best reviews since it’s a great product with which you can make restaurant-quality quesadillas in less than five minutes. The unit’s locking lid ensures a clean operation, while the non-stick surface means you can simply wipe everything clean after using it, so its maintenance is a breeze. Moreover, the item also features two light indicators, one for power on and one for preheat. This helps you determine when the quesadilla maker has reached the optimum temperature, meaning you’ll know exactly when the timing is right to obtain the best results. In the unfortunate event that the Hamilton Beach 25409 model is not available, the most suitable alternative would be the George Foreman’s GFQ001, as it delivers similar features and results.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a quesadilla maker:


Quesadillas are one of the most popular Mexican dishes since they combine the convenience of a sandwich with the delicious taste of Tex-Mex food. If you’re creative, you can actually stuff any filling you want into a quesadilla instead of cheese. You can even turn it into a desert by using sweet fillings such as peanut butter. By investing in a quesadilla maker, you can make these delicious turnovers at home; but if you are buying one for the first time, here is a guide to help you make the right choice by pointing out the features you need to consider.

Quesadilla maker reviews


This is an important consideration depending on where the quesadilla maker will be used and who will use it. If a family will use it, you want to buy one with a bigger grilling plate (ten inches or more) since you can make larger quesadillas that several people can share. On the other hand, single people and couples without children living in apartments or other places where space is at a premium should consider a smaller unit.


Preparation time

Actually, all quesadilla makers claim to produce quesadillas in an average of less than five minutes, but actual cooking time depends on the fillings that you use. If you’re preparing quesadillas for several people, then you may want a quesadilla maker with a shorter cooking time. For example, there are some models that claim to shorten preparation time by having lids that close more tightly.


Ease of use

Quesadilla makers are generally designed to be easy to use, since they are basically sandwich presses that work by preheating the device, placing the tortillas and the fillings into the grilling surface and then closing the lid. However, there are differences among models and you should look for one that either has an instruction manual with clear directions or which is user-friendly and has features that are clearly labeled on the device.  


Convenience features

These are additional features that make the quesadilla maker easier and more convenient to use and maintain, and which differ among models. For example, a non-stick surface will not only make preparing quesadillas healthier, since you don’t have to brush the grilling area with butter or grease, but also make cleaning up afterward simpler. Indicator lights ensure that you are making the perfect quesadilla by telling you when the cooking surface has been preheated to the right temperature.


Top 5 products I recommend – Review & Advice



Hamilton Beach 25409


1.Hamilton Beach 25409The Hamilton Beach 25409 has earned some of the best quesadilla maker reviews on Amazon, since around 80% of reviewers have given the product five-star and four-star ratings. You can make restaurant-quality seven to eight-inch quesadillas in less than five minutes, cut into six convenient slices.

The unit has a locking lid for clean operation as well as a non-stick surface that you can simply wipe clean after using. It also features a red power on light and a green preheat light that indicates when the quesadilla maker has reached the optimum temperature.

The Hamilton Beach won praise from customer reviewers for the high-quality quesadillas it is able to make, which allows users to make quick and delicious meals.  However, there are a number of minor issues associated with the product.

For example, the ridges that were designed to divide the quesadilla into ridges were not sharp enough to cut all the way through, and users had to complete the job using a knife or pizza cutter. In addition, the power cord is only fourteen inches long, which meant that it could only be used near outlets. Overall, however, the high quality of the quesadillas produced by the Hamilton Beach 25409 meant that most reviewers recommended it.



You can easily make six wedges of delicious quesadillas that are pressed and ready for cutting for maximum convenience when you need to put together a tasty snack for the entire family.

It takes very little to make quesadillas with this machine, as just 5 minutes are enough to have your food steaming and ready to be served.

The cooking surface has a non-stick coating, so it is easy to clean after use.

The model comes equipped with indicator lights for power and preheating, letting you know when it is the right time to place all the ingredients inside.

The upright storage option keeps the mess to a minimum on your kitchen counter, as does the locking mess.



This model works with 8-inch tortillas, so fans of larger quesadillas may have to think about purchasing a larger model.

The construction may not be the most durable, as some customers report breaking parts by accident.


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George Foreman GFQ001


3.George Foreman GFQ001The George Foreman GFQ001 is one of the best electric quesadilla maker out there, with over 70% of Amazon customer reviewers giving it five-star and four-star ratings. The GFQ001 features a ten-inch cooking surface with six deep-dish pockets with locking lines that allow you to add all your favorite ingredients to the quesadilla and seal them in, as well as acting as cutting guides.

The press-and-seal lines make preparing a quesadilla less messy since it locks in the fillings from the back and the sides. You can have a perfect quesadilla in less than five minutes, with an indicator light telling you when the quesadilla maker is ready to use.  

The George Foreman GFQ001 has also earned some of the best quesadilla maker reviews from Amazon users due to its many convenience features. The cooking plate has a non-stick surface that lets you cook without grease and make cleanup afterward easier.

The GFQ001 is designed to be stored vertically, reducing its footprint and allowing it to be kept in tight storage spaces. There is also built-in cord storage that not only allows you to keep the power cord untangled and out of the way when not in use but lets you control the cord length when using the quesadilla maker.



For 10-inch quesadillas, this model is an excellent choice as it will cook your favorite food fast and easy.

You will not have to worry about greasy stains once you are done with the cooking, as the non-stick coating requires just a little bit of wiping with a damp cloth to be as good as new.

The deep pockets are ideal for loading your quesadillas with all your favorite ingredients. No matter how thick, your quesadillas will be easily accommodated.

The outer ridge does a good job at sealing everything inside so that you don’t have to deal with a lot of mess.

You can store this unit vertically and wrap the cord for maximum convenience and minimum clutter.



The cable is too short, so you will need to either use an extension cord or just have the quesadilla maker placed close to a power outlet.


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Black & Decker QM1088


Quesadilla is a Mexican traditional dish which is a type of tortilla that you stuff with meat, cheese, tomatoes, peppers and so on. If you’d like to eat homemade quesadillas, rejoice because with the help of the QM1088 you can satisfy your hunger when you come home after class or work.

This model has plenty of useful features which range from a drip tray to the non-stick coating of the cooking surfaces. One big advantage that this product presents is its usability. If you are looking for a unit that is both easy to use and capable of offering excellent performance then know that the QM1088 is able to cook tasty quesadillas in about 5 minutes.

Just follow the power on and preheat light indicators to know when the plates are hot enough for you to place the tortilla, fill it up with the contents, after which you can cover everything with another tortilla.

It comes with a non-stick coating which makes it easy to clean the plates with just a moist towel, of course, you’d have to permit the appliance to completely cool down. You can store it vertically on your countertop so it leaves enough room for other cooking related activities.



It is a lightweight product so you can carry it with you when you move into your dorm or your new apartment without having back pains as a result.

The QM1088 comes with 8-inch plates from both sides that are divided into 6 deep-dish quesadilla pockets that allow you room to hold all your favorite ingredients.

It has innovative press and seal lines that seal the quesadillas from the sides and back resulting in ideally made meals with no mess.

Because there are plates on the both sides of this machine the heat is distributed evenly all around the quesadillas allowing them to completely cook.

This quesadilla maker has gathered great reviews which represent the thing that matters the most to some when considering a new product.



Some users complained that it doesn’t offer enough room for larger tortillas, although agreeing that it provides an overall good value for its price.


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Bella 13506


If you often find yourself in the mood for Mexican food then you might consider purchasing a quesadilla maker. While you do that look for one on which you can depend and it seems that the Bella 13506 meets this criterion.

This appliance is versatile, some users even stating that it can also cook individual servings of fruit pies. It has built-in plates that have been coated with a non-sticking material which makes removing the quesadillas as easy as eating them. You can use this product at your next party because it offers enough room for 6 people to make their own quesadilla with what ingredients they desire.

Also, the feature that allows it to heat up quickly means that you’d spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the company of your friends. Don’t worry about it becoming cluttered with debris or spilled cheese because it comes with a built-in drip reservoir. It comes with a user manual and El Paso Chile recipes which enable you to learn how to use it correctly to produce delicious quesadillas.

The Bella 13506 impresses also with its design because it comes in a stylish red finish that goes easy on the eyes and the handle represents a pepper with the clamp that keeps it closed that is painted as a green leaf.



This quesadilla maker will make a nice addition to those that look an easy to use help in making delicious party sized treats.

Thanks to its nonstick plates, removing the quesadillas after they’re done won’t leave bits and pieces behind that you’d have to scrape after the party is done.

Because it comes with on/off and ready lights you won’t have to wonder if the machine is prepared to cook your quesadillas.

You can learn quickly how to use it to make delicious products because it comes with a user’s manual and El Paso Chile recipes.

The ridges that can be found on the grill plates serve as a cutting instrument while the food is still baking, meaning that you won’t have to use a knife to separate the servings.



Some users experienced that the non-stick surface flaked off after a few uses which lead to assumptions about its ability to last.


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Nostalgia EQM200


Nostalgia EQM200Due to its ease of use and convenience features, Amazon users consider the EQM200 one of the best quesadilla maker products. The EQM200 features an eight-inch cooking plate with wedges that divide the quesadilla into six slices while sealing in the ingredients.

An indicator light tells you when the griddle is preheated at the proper temperature, to ensure you make a perfectly tasty quesadilla in three to seven minutes.

The lid has two locking positions, allowing you to make quesadillas of different thicknesses using a variety of ingredients including meats and vegetables. There is also a drip tray that catches excess oil during cooking, and which can be removed for later disposal. In addition, the device can be stored vertically, allowing it to be stored in tight storage spaces.

The EQM200 was popular among buyers for being able to produce perfect quesadillas that are crispy on the outside while being sumptuously gooey on the inside. The smaller size of the quesadilla maker also made it ideal for use in dorm rooms and other living spaces where space is at a premium. Since it is simple to operate, even older children can use it to make snacks for themselves and other family members.



You can easily cook six wedges of quesadilla using this model, and it takes between 3 and 7 minutes to have your favorite food ready, depending on how much filling you’re using.

The cooking surface is non-stick, which means that cleaning is a breeze, no matter how many times you use it.

A nice touch of this model is the possibility to use the latch in two different positions so that you can make thinner or thicker quesadillas.

You will know when the device is pre-heated enough by the indicator light that will announce when it’s ready.

The drip tray is convenient, as it gathers all the grease; it can be removed for easy cleaning.



Getting the mess out of all the crevices can be difficult, although the rest of the cooking surface can be wiped clean.

This model is for small size tortillas, which may not be for everyone.


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What can be more delicious than a homemade quesadilla, prepared after a Greek recipe? The wonderful preparation of this recipe is based on vegetables that are highly popular during the spring, such as green onions and spinach. Like any Greek dishes that are respected, quesadilla slices should be served alongside a tasty tzatziki sauce. Moreover, how do you prepare these delicious recipes at home? Simply by using the best quesadilla maker for sale right now. How do you find the best product in this category? Do not worry, we have already made a list of reliable options for you to consider.  The Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker has attracted our attention through its innovative style as well as the high-performance level it can achieve under any circumstances. Moreover, the George Foreman GFQ001 Quesadilla Maker has something unique to offer in terms of reliability, durability, flexibility for the consumers and diversity in terms of options.



Products worth your attention:


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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a quesadilla maker


Now that you have set your eyes on the offers available on the market right now, you should know which features or factors should influence your selection. There are endless elements that characterize these kitchen appliances. However, some of these are mandatory to pay attention to if you wish to choose the best rated quesadilla makers for your daily cooking sessions. We base our recommendations on specialized advice and customer rankings. We focus on how effective these kitchen appliances are over time and compare them to similar ones based on their price and list of functionalities to see which ones score best in the end. This guide will offer you all the information you need at this stage to make a well-informed decision in the end.


Professional materials and easy cleaning

When it comes to the best quesadilla makers, it is obvious that these are beneficial for you if what you want is to cook your homemade meals fast. However, there are also other good parts involved in the overall use of this appliances.  First, almost all models feature Teflon interiors or other resistant materials that can be easily cleaned. Moreover, the ingredients never get stuck to these professional tools.


Extended use and advantageous options

Secondly, these can also work perfectly as mini grills because they fry food on both sides at the same time and much faster. Because they do not need oil, the dishes that you prepare using these will be healthier.


Preparation plates with Dura Ceramic coating

The preparation plates are covered with Dura Ceramic layers. This natural ceramic layer is designed in such a way that it allows you to cook delicious snacks at home faster than ever. In addition, Dura Ceramic layers are scratch-resistant and allow these products to live a long life and prove their effectiveness over time.


Easy cleaning and smooth storage options

The best rated quesadilla maker reviews feature professional tools from 2019 that have been manufactured using the latest materials that allow easy cleaning. Also, their dimensions are advantageous for users who simply wish to fit these appliances anywhere they can in their kitchen, no matter how much space they have available. These tools should help you activate your creativity by opening a gateway to a world of healthy, homemade food without limits. Now, you do not have to go far to find the best products on sale!



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



The time has come for us to reveal the results of our research. Below you will find listed the top 3 best rated quesadilla makers available for you to purchase right now. We have analyzed their features and options and compared them to similar models of products that have been reviewed by customers and specialists. We have made our choice based on how high they managed to rank in terms of performance, flexibility of use, reliability and quality.



Hamilton Beach 25409


With Hamilton Beach 25409, you can now forget about those long waiting sessions at the restaurant when all you wanted was to eat a delicious quesadilla. You can have your own party of flavors at home using it. Moreover, you get to choose the ingredients used for your recipes and always maintain your health at optimal levels.

This cooking tool is simple to use and clean even though it features all the latest options and functions you need for enhanced cooking experiences. All you have to do is place the tortilla in and add your favorite ingredients. It will get the quesadilla ready for the entire family in 5 minutes.

It comes equipped with a professional locking lid that allows you to keep all flavors well sealed and prevent any spilling from occurring. Therefore, it will not be much left for you to clean after eating the quesadilla. All you have to do at this stage is wipe the nonstick surface featured by it using a damping cloth.

Moreover, you can try out any new recipe you like with this quesadilla maker because there is no limit to how many ingredients you can use and combine with it. Surprise your guests with your new cooking skills today!

Fast cooking, high-quality and resistance are the essential features that recommend the Hamilton Beach 25409 as a reliable quesadilla maker in 2019.



The Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla maker features a stylish design and gets your meals ready in less than 5 minutes. Now you can enjoy your favorite quesadilla in the morning or in the evening, as you wish. You can make up to 6 wedges at a time and have the food ready for your whole family in no time.

This professional cooking appliance features a non-stick surface that you will be able to clean easily just by wiping. Also, your food will be deliciously cooked based on fresh ingredients that will not be altered in any way.

It offers its users access to a professional locking lid that helps them when it comes to covering their storage needs. Finally, it comes equipped with power and preheat lights that will help keep you in control all the time.



You should only use proper, gentle spatulas that might not scrape the interior surface too hard when you handle the food inside this quesadilla maker. Otherwise, it might get scratched and this could also interfere with the quality of the food you make with it.


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George Foreman GFQ001


The George Foreman GFQ001 Quesadilla Maker will become your favorite cooking tool because it guarantees to get your favorite dish ready in just 5 minutes. It comes equipped with the latest professional features such as vertical storage options, indicator lights for all stages, including the power on and the ready status indicator.

It allows you to handle it with care given its resistant grip feature. You will not have to handle any mess when using it because you have the perfect spaces for all your ingredients. Its shape also allows you to cook delicious pizza with it.

It comes equipped with a locking clamp that is intended for storage purposes only. Do not try to open or close the device while it operates to avoid harming it in any way. Its circular cooking surface that features a 10 inches’ size is sufficient to include any dish you want to cook without compromising on the number of ingredients you would like to use.

You can even use all sorts of tortillas and delicious wraps to create your own pocket sandwiches for work. This makes it practical to use for more than just tasty quesadillas and pizza. Basically, you get to cook all your favorite snacks with it fast and in a reliable manner.



The George Foreman GFQ001 ensures fast preparation of your favorite quesadilla recipes in just a couple of minutes. You have access to 10 inches’ plates as well as 6 different deep dish pockets for your favorite fillings. Now you can get the food done for all your family members at once.

It features the latest Nonstick Coating that can be easily cleaned and which does not interfere with the quality of the food you prepare with it every day. It allows you to store it vertically which can be helpful, especially when you have a small-size kitchen available.

This professional quesadilla maker also comes equipped with proper indicator lights that let you know when the appliance is on or when the food is ready to take out.



You should never force or lock shut the George Foreman GFQ001 while it operates because this can affect its performance for good.


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Hamilton Beach 31700


This professional quesadilla maker does not only allow you to cook delicious quesadilla recipes but also make your favorite pizza or other dishes you prefer. Its greatest asset is the even cooking technique it uses and which ensures great looking and tasty results every time you use it.

No burning involved, no harm is done to your favorite ingredients and no long waiting sessions to get your meal ready. It comes equipped with a 30-minute cooking timer that features the auto shut off option. You will benefit from adjustable heat control and will not have to preheat this appliance no matter what you have planned for your next meal.

It cooks faster than a regular kitchen oven. Moreover, the Hamilton Beach 31700 is more energy efficient than most regular kitchen ovens. Its heating elements have been well incorporated on its top and bottom to ensure perfect heating control. You also have the option of seeing your delicious food inside the oven while it cooks through the viewing window.

Once you start using it, you become addicted to this professional cooking appliance that is always ready to serve you your favorite quesadilla, pizza or sandwich. There is no limit to how much diversity you can enjoy while cooking with the Hamilton Beach 31700.



The Hamilton Beach 31700 is ready to cook your favorite quesadilla or pizza as well as those tasty appetizers you love so much every day. You can get a 12-inch pizza done in half an hour with it!

This professional cooking appliance operates based on even cooking principles which ensure top quality of cooked food every time you use it. Its rotations allow this principle to be followed every time, no matter what you choose to cook.

Moreover, you get access to adjustable heat controls that help you diversify your cooking sessions at home. No preheating is necessary with this modern tool.

Finally, the power light it features as well as the heating elements that come incorporated on top and bottom make it a reliable quesadilla and pizza maker to use.



The Hamilton Beach 31700 features a long list of beneficial features and functions to use yet it needs proper cleaning and maintenance regularly to avoid diminishing its performance in any way over time.


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