The good

This is the best 4-slice toaster that comes with a unique slanted design.

The extra-wide slots ensure consistent toasting results.

The toaster is equipped with six electronic browning control settings.

The toaster ensures convenient and easy use.

Cleaning up and storage are easy.


The bad

According to one of the T-fal 533200 Classic Avante 4-slice toaster reviews, the slots of this model are of standard length, so they can’t accommodate long bread slices.

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My opinion on this product


This is undoubtedly the best toaster from T-fal, as it comes with an extraordinary slanted design that lets you place the unit flat against the wall and still be able to extract the bread slices easily. The unique slanted design provides easy access to the cooked bread, so you won’t have to use any kitchen tool to remove the food items from the carriage.


The self-adjusting slots are made extra wide to ensure even toasting on all sides. This means bread is evenly browned, nice and crispy after the toasting cycle is complete. The width of the bread slots also means you can remove bread easily without worrying about touching the hot components of the toaster. Since the slots are made to center the bread automatically, you can just place the slices then start toasting immediately.


Choose from six different electronic browning-control settings from light to dark, which let you get the optimal toasting level that you prefer every time. This toaster may be small, but it offers the same toasting functions that higher-end models provide. Get nicely toasted bread that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, great to bite into and enjoy with your favorite brew and spread. Use the Bagel feature, which toasts only one side while keeping the other side warm and perfect to the bite. The Reheat function warms up the toast without overcooking or burning it. The Cancel function lets you stop the toasting cycle midway to check on the toast or to make sure it’s not burning.


The exterior stays cool to the touch, effectively preventing accidental skin burns or damage to items placed near the toaster. Each set of slots can be controlled independently from one another, letting you choose different settings on both sides of the appliance. This allows the toaster to accommodate a variety of browning preferences. Get effortless viewing of the bread during the toasting process thanks to the slanted design of the slots. The high-lift lever provides a safe height from which to extract the bread slices easily.


The crumb door allows effortless cleaning. The power cord stores on the base of the unit to prevent clutter on the kitchen countertop. The toaster comes with a one-year limited warranty that ensures high quality and craftsmanship.



If you want a toaster that does what it is designed to do, the T-fal 533200 Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster is made just for you. It carries all the features that other models with higher price tags are also equipped with. The T-fal 533200 Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster comes with a variety of browning settings that allow you to customize the toasting results. Storage is also easy thanks to the onboard cord storage and easy-to-clean crumb tray. Toast bagels confidently with consistent results. Keep toast warm and be able to monitor the toasting process easily.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($300)



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