The good

This model deserves the highest ratings in T-fal TL6802 digital toaster reviews due to its convenient, safe and easy use.

People love this appliance thanks to its bagel and reheat technology.

This European-inspired kitchen appliance is engineered with revolutionary defrost function.

You’ll love the smart compact design and steel body.

The toaster offers 8 browning settings that let you choose the toasting level you prefer.


The bad

One of the users says it can take a few days for a person to learn how to work the toaster correctly to optimize its many features, like any new appliance.

The toaster won’t turn itself off after a few minutes, so unplugging the unit is the only way to switch it off completely.

Although the cord wrap is located on the bottom of the toaster, there is no cord lock notch to keep the plug out of the way.



My opinion on this product


Many users and expert reviewers agree that the TL6802 is the best toaster from T-fal thanks to the extra high-lift lever that enables effortless removal of small slices of bread and English muffins. The extra-wide self-adjusting slots are designed to accept any bread thickness and to ensure even toasting. With 1600 watts of power, you won’t have to wait too long to get your bread browned. The steel body cools off amazingly quickly. The Stop button cancels the toasting process at any time


This toaster with bagel function toasts the outside of bagels while gently warming the inside, just the way this kind of bread should be toasted. The intuitive toaster has a toasting bay designed to be long enough to do 2 slices of artisan-shaped breads or 4 slices of toast at the same time.


The defrost setting is an awesome feature, as it allows you to take bread from the freezer and warm it in the toaster. This enables you to enjoy the genuine goodness of the bread without cooking or over-toasting it. The toaster browns evenly and does the job well.


This best 4 slice toaster is lightweight and has a streamlined, smart look. The T-fal TL6802 digital toaster has a compact double long slot that makes it ideal for large-sized breads while giving the unit its space-saving design. The pull-out-removable crumb tray enables easy cleaning. The base of the unit holds the cord storage.


Choose from the 8 browning settings that let you select from light to dark. The sharp blue digital illuminated LCD shows you the selected browning level as well as the toasting time countdown, so you’ll know how much time is left till the cycle is completed. This enables you to go about preparing the coffee, eggs and other breakfast items.



Definitely communicating T-fal’s brand identity, the TL6802 digital toaster carries a European-inspired design that makes it look great on any kitchen countertop. The black steel body offers a smart and clean look that is trendy and updated. Blending into your life and home easily, this toaster does everything for you except butter your toast and put the bread on your plate.


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