Quesadilla is a Mexican dish people in the US truly enjoy. A humble dish in its appearance, it is actually filling, tasty and it can be eaten during any meal of the day. Whether you want a quick hearty breakfast, an idea for lunch when you are on the go, or you wish to share a tasty meal with your family at dinner, the loyal quesadilla will be there to help you out. In the quest of finding the perfect quesadilla, you will need all the help you can get, and this is exactly what you will get by reading this article.

The Perfect Quesadilla


How to make quesadillas

Let’s start with the ingredients needed for the quesadillas. First things first, you will need some tortillas, in the size you want. As expected, larger tortillas are used for making larger quesadillas, so just go for the ones you like. Making quesadillas is very simple. On one tortilla, you place shredded chicken meat, already cooked, shredded cheese and any other filling you may like. Adding veggies makes quesadillas richer in taste and also healthier. After that, you place another tortilla on top and take everything to the oven or you can assemble everything in a quesadilla maker which is a convenient solution. Quesadilla makers are a great choice because they are easy to use and chances are your quesadillas will end up crispy and just the way you like and not soggy, like it can happen when using an oven. This all has to do with the ability to control temperature, and quesadilla makers are doing this for you, by letting your know when your quesadillas are ready. Another advantage is that it takes just a few minutes to make quesadillas. Also, these machines can cut your quesadillas in wedges, ready to serve.


How to use a quesadilla maker

Using a quesadilla maker is pretty straightforward. First you plug in the machine and wait for the light indicator to turn green. This is the signal for you that you can start assemble the quesadilla recipes you’ve been wanting to make. Place the first tortilla on the surface of the quesadilla maker, add the rest of the ingredients and cover with another tortilla. Press down the quesadilla maker and let the machine work its magic. In less than 5 minutes, you should get a nice and crispy quesadilla.


Quesadilla maker recipes

You can play with absolutely any ingredient you may think of and works for quesadilla. Do not forget that the main ingredients used are cheese and chicken meat, so you can just combine these with peppers, onions, tomatoes and so on. In case you prefer a vegan alternative, go for tofu and veggies, and skip the meat altogether. Also, if you prefer other meats than chicken, bacon and ham works just as fine. When working with a quesadilla maker, things are much simpler, and you will only have to experiment with your ideas, until you find that perfect quesadilla you have been looking for.


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