Tortilla wraps might not be something you had in mind for your Christmas family dinner. Have you ever considered just how easy they are to prepare? Most of the ones you’ll put on the table will end up looking like sushi or something far more edible than that. They’re simple to prepare and they won’t force you to spend countless hours in the kitchen. They are great to use as appetizers or even as a side dish, depending on what you have already cooked.


If you have been feeling a little puzzled when it comes to choosing the right recipe, we are here to give you a helping hand. Just remember, in this case, simplicity is key. The higher the number of ingredients, the greater the chance of your tortilla wraps of becoming unstable. Some people actually prefer to prepare several tortilla wraps when they find that their fridge is overflowing with leftovers.

We’ve gathered a couple of recipes that can make the life of any cook and homemaker a whole lot easier. We say it would not hurt if you had a look at them.



Try some Christmas tortilla rollups


It goes without saying that the colors that characterize Christmas all over the world are red and green. Therefore, the rollups should look Christmassy enough. Fortunately, this color combination can be achieved thanks to vegetables such as jalapenos and bell peppers.

This recipe is very easy to prepare, as it requires a limited set of ingredients. All you need to consider is the high quality of the vegetables you’ll be utilizing and the creaminess of the cheese. Start by lopping the tops and bottoms of both a green and a red bell pepper. Clean up the seeds and remove them all and then proceed to slice the peppers into thin strips and then cut them into small, square cubes.

The smaller the diced pies of pepper, the less hassle you’ll have to experience when rolling the tortillas. Moreover, the rollups will be considerably easier to cut in the absence of chunky bell pepper pieces.

Depending on what you want from your Christmas rollups, you may or may not use some spring onions. If you think that you guests will have a hard time handling the smell of onion in general, you might need to use some spices instead of scallions.


Next comes the cream cheese. Begin by seasoning it with your favorite spices, as well as salt and pepper. Paprika does wonders when it comes to underlining the flavors out of vegetables and cream cheese.

Assembling the tortilla rollups should begin by smearing the surface with the cheese concoction. Continue by sprinkling the red and green bell peppers and the onion. Roll up the tortilla and then use plastic wrap to enclose it. Since you will be using cream cheese, we don’t recommend you cut the tortilla right away, as you might have a nasty accident and realize that the rollups aren’t exactly how you have been imagining them. That’s why you should keep the tortillas in the fridge for one to eight hours before slicing them.



Quick Christmas appetizers


Another way of getting the excellent white, red, and green combo is to use green tortillas. This is a recipe that is very similar to the one we have showcased above. As is the case with the previously mentioned one, the tortillas should rest in the fridge for around eight hours.

The ingredients that you will be needing for this one are two oz. packages of softened cream cheese, chopped black olives, a cup of shredded cheese, and a Rada Chipotle quick mix. The creamy ingredients should be all mixed together and spread on the surface of the tortilla. Since it’s filled with black olives, this recipe is great for the whole year and works amazingly well with grilled meat and vegetables.





If you’re cooking for others than yourself, use as few spicy ingredients as possible. If you already know the preferences of your guests, go ahead and customize the recipes we have described earlier on. The important thing to keep in mind is that fresh veggies that aren’t really watery are great to use with tortilla rollups. Some might like cucumbers or zucchini, while others might go for black olives. It all really depends on the personal preferences of the cook and of the people who will be eating them.

Minced celery, grilled chicken and vegan cheese are other ingredients that one can utilize safely.


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