With great coffee comes great coffee brewing, right? It’s only natural that a good coffee is the result of a good brewing technique – or machine that’s used to make this delicious, energy-infused beverage.

However, there are a lot of ways through which you can prepare your coffee and this fact makes it harder for coffee enthusiasts to pick their favorite – you can’t pick a certain coffee machine without knowing how the coffee it makes is going to taste like.

Therefore, in today’s article, we’ll talk about several coffee machines and the end result, namely, every aspect of the coffee they can brew. So, get your shopping list ready and be prepared to add one extra item on it that will hopefully make your morning coffee taste a lot better.

The French press

Also known as a coffee plunger, press pot, and cafetière, the French press was patented in 1929, by a man named Attilio Calimani – this design was later modified and patented again, in 1958, by Faliero Bondanini.

Nowadays, every French press usually consists of a plunger that’s outfitted with a stainless steel or nylon steel mesh filter that’s attached to a lid, and a beaker. But how does it work? Well, clearly not with coffee pods.

While inside a French press, coarse ground coffee steeps in water that is very close to its boiling point. Then, via the pressure you apply, the grounds are forced to the bottom of the coffee machine’s beaker – pressure is applied by pressing down on the plunger.

In the end, you’ll be greeted by a dark and flavorful coffee. Naturally, it takes a lot of time and practice with the French press in order to round up the perfect coffee – you have to grind the beans precisely and you also have to learn how to adjust the steeping time and the amount of coffee as well, depending on your taste.


The Espresso maker

On the other hand, we have the espresso maker, which is completely different from the French press. In short, espresso is a very strong and concentrated black coffee. The process that takes place inside an espresso maker uses coffee beans and water, obviously, but also a special brewing process.

The coffee gets out of the espresso maker so strong and concentrated because steam that’s at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit is being forced through very fine coffee grounds. Due to the high temperature, the strong coffee flavor is drawn out efficiently and quickly.

The end result is a type of coffee that contains more caffeine than most of the other coffee beverages – around 77mg of caffeine in a single 1.5 ounce shot of ground espresso coffee. Brewing coffee in a French press gives you around 107.5mg in a single 8-ounce cup – making it more caffeine-rich that a shot of espresso.


The Drip coffee maker

The drip coffee maker is one of the easiest ways through which you can make coffee – you just have to add in water and coffee and then press a button. While inside such a machine, the coffee grounds don’t stay at its bottom, making for a less intense and smoother coffee.

For example, the coffee grounds continue to steep in a French press, as they remain at the bottom of the machine – because of this, the coffee that comes out of it can become a bit bitter.

Moreover, when using a drip coffee maker, the coffee will be much warmer – even hot – than the one that comes out of a French press, mainly because of the warming plate that the drip coffee maker is equipped with.


The AeroPress

In order to ensure fast extraction of the coffee flavor, the AeroPress uses pressure and fine grounds – therefore, it can be compared with the espresso maker. However, people don’t consider the coffee that comes out of an AeroPress an espresso because the pressure used by this machine is not high enough.

The AeroPress is also equipped with a special filter – due to this element, fewer grounds are let into the coffee, making for a less muddy beverage when compared to the one made with a French press.

Most people prefer using an AeroPress because they have more options to choose from in terms of coffee – with this machine, you can make Americanos, lattes, or cappuccinos.



The Pour Over

The Pour Over machine has to be used exactly as its name implies – there’s a cone-shaped filter at the top of the machine in which you put the coffee grounds. Then, you slowly pour boiling water over the grounds in concentric circles until all of them are saturated and you get the desired amount of coffee.

In short, the Pour Over machine doesn’t let any grounds get into your coffee – this makes a smoother and cleaner coffee; if you don’t like the muddy and oily texture of the French press coffee, then this coffee machine might be the one to give you just the coffee you want.

Besides, the richness and flavor of the Pour Over coffee can be controlled and adjusted to your liking – depending on the speed at which the water is poured over the coffee grounds.


The Chemex

The Chemex method is very similar to the pour over one – however, the filter used for this one is made of paper that makes for an even smoother and cleaner coffee. However, a Chemex coffee maker works much slower than a French press, as the required steeping time increases depending on the amount of water and coffee that you use.

It is also worth mentioning that you have to pre-wash the filter every time you want a new cup of coffee so that you get rid of all the unwanted coffee grounds that got stuck in it the last time you brewed coffee.


The Percolator

When using a Percolator, the coffee is brought very close to the boiling point and continuously recirculated through the coffee grounds – the result is an extremely strong, hot, and a full-flavored cup of coffee.

While it is a quite quick and efficient method, the coffee may burn if you are not paying attention to the machine.


The bottom line

We can’t say that one coffee machine makes better coffee than another one, because it all actually depends on what type of coffee you like – strong, flavored, smooth, and so on. After all, the best coffee is the one that you enjoy drinking, right?

Therefore, when you want to find a new way to brew your coffee, come back to our article and pick the coffee machine that suits your taste the best!



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