Monterey Jack Equivalent in the UK

The Great Cheese Hunt: Finding a Monterey Jack Equivalent in the UK

The allure of Monterey Jack cheese! Known for its smooth texture and mild flavor, this versatile cheese has gained popularity in the United States for its ability to complement almost any dish. It has become a staple in cuisines ranging from Tex-Mex to classic American comfort foods. Its creamy consistency and ability to melt effortlessly make it a go-to for grilled cheeses, quesadillas, and casseroles, to name a few.

But what happens when that craving hits, and you find yourself in the United Kingdom, where Monterey Jack is as rare as a sunny day in London? Don’t despair! This article aims to be your culinary compass, pointing you toward the most satisfying Monterey Jack alternatives available on British soil. Equipped with this treasure map of cheesy goodness, missing out on Monterey Jack will be a thing of the past!

What Makes Monterey Jack So Special?

Monterey Jack is often considered the “jack-of-all-trades” in the cheese world. It’s semi-hard texture and mellow flavor make it the perfect companion for various dishes. From melting seamlessly over nachos to making a subtle yet undeniable statement on a classy cheese board, this cheese can be enhanced without overwhelming. It has a way of elevating the flavors it’s paired with, acting almost like the perfect culinary wingman—there to boost and harmonize but never to overshadow.

The versatile nature of Monterey Jack also lends itself to a plethora of culinary adventures. It can slide into a spicy Mexican dish as easily as round out the flavors in an American-style burger. When melted, it has a luxuriously smooth texture that adds a creamy, almost silky layer to any dish it graces. This makes it an ideal choice not just for casual meals but also for more sophisticated culinary creations. The ability to complement both simple and complex flavor profiles is what truly sets Monterey Jack apart in the competitive world of cheeses.

The Scarcity of Monterey Jack in the UK

So, why is this all-American star hard to find on British soil? It’s not that Monterey Jack is considered taboo; it’s simply less common in local supermarkets compared to staples like Cheddar or Red Leicester. And when it is available, the price tag can be rather discouraging. What are the alternatives, then?

The Best UK Alternatives to Monterey Jack

Double Gloucester

Here comes Double Gloucester to the rescue! Originating in Britain, this cheese offers a texture and flavor similar to Monterey Jack’s. It’s semi-hard, has a mild taste, and melts beautifully. Consider Double Gloucester for a British twist when whipping a Mexican dish or pizza.


Remember the Dutch Edam! Edam has a slightly nutty flavor in most UK stores but retains the desired reliability. And bonus, it’s often sold in adorable round shapes.

Gouda (Young)

Young Gouda, often available in local markets, offers a texture and flavor reminiscent of Monterey Jack. Choosing the younger varieties ensures a softer, more meltable cheese when opting for Gouda.

Mozzarella (Block, Not Fresh)

Last but not least, block Mozzarella deserves a mention. Though originally Italian, this cheese offers a smooth texture and mild taste. Just make sure to opt for block Mozzarella instead of its fresh counterpart to avoid a watery mess.

How to Make Your Choice

Choosing a cheese is a bit like choosing a favorite song; it’s a personal decision. Double Gloucester is a strong contender for those looking for a truly British experience. But mixing in Edam or young Gouda could add an exciting twist to any dish.

In Conclusion: The Universal Love of Cheese

The difficulty in finding Monterey Jack in the UK doesn’t have to be a cheesy predicament. The beauty of cheese lies in its universal appeal, offering something for every palate in every corner of the world. Whether for topping a pizza, enriching a casserole, or as a simple snack, the UK’s Monterey Jack alternatives are ready to fill the void deliciously.






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