Who Invented the Strainer

Who Invented the Strainer?

Have you ever wondered who’s behind the little kitchen tool that helps you drain your pasta or separate your tea leaves from your tea? The answer might surprise you! Let’s dive into the fascinating story of William Wright, the man behind the invention of the filter.

Who Was William Wright?

William Wright was an inventor who lived when culinary and bar tools underwent significant innovations. He saw a need for an efficient way to separate liquid from solid, whether in a kitchen or a bar. Though the strainer is a simple tool, its impact is enormous, making our lives easier in small yet meaningful ways.

The Birth of the Strainer

William Wright wasn’t setting out to change the world, but he had an idea. He realized that professional chefs and ordinary folks at home struggled to separate liquids and solids. Spoons and forks did the job but could have done better. That’s when he decided to design the filter.

With this observation, Wright’s wheels began to turn. He envisioned a tool specifically designed for this task that would make this everyday process simpler and more efficient. He set out to create a device that could comfortably fit into a pot or a mixing bowl and would use gravity and perforations to separate unwanted solids from liquids. 

And so, with some sketches, prototypes, and endless testing, the strainer was born. Its simple yet effective design was a testament to Wright’s keen observation and commitment to solving a problem many didn’t even realize they had.

How Did William Wright’s Strainer Work?

Wright’s design was straightforward yet effective. Imagine a shallow bowl with holes or slits at the bottom, often attached to a handle for easy usage. The idea was to pour your liquid and let the tool rest, separating the unwanted solid parts. Wright’s design became so popular that various forms and shapes of the strainer evolved, each serving specialized functions.

The Name Twist: The Hawthorne Café Connection

Here’s where things get quirky. Though William Wright invented the strainer, it didn’t end up being named after him. A specific type of strainer, the mounted coil strainer, got its name from a bar in Boston, The Hawthorne Café. Isn’t that something? Imagine creating something useful but having it named after a bar!

The Legacy of William Wright’s Strainer

Today, strainers are used globally in both homes and professional settings. Whether a bartender crafting a cocktail or a grandmother making her famous soup, the strainer is a go-to tool. Wright may not have become a household name, but his invention surely did.


William Wright may not be as famous as other inventors, but his creation has simplified life. Every time you drain spaghetti or make a cup of loose-leaf tea, remember the man behind the magic: William Wright. His invention proves that the simplest things can sometimes make the most significant difference.

So the next time you use a strainer, tip your hat to William Wright. He may not have named his invention, but he certainly left a mark on our daily lives. And there you have it, the story of the man who gave us the simple yet indispensable strainer. It’s amazing how something so small can have such a big impact, right?






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